Facilities on site

Indendørs faciliteter

Service buildings where all our bathrooms and toilets are designed as lockable rooms.

Good kitchen facilities with ovens, microwave and hot plates. It is also possible to do the dishes in our outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor facilities

Heated swimming pool with separate children's pool. Lovely area with sun loungers, and there is free admission, for our guests.

12-hole mini golf course

Try the campsite's exciting 12-hole mini golf course. Make it a family challenge to find out who is the best putter. You will find the mini golf course in the area behind the reception.

Per person 30,-


We have our very own krolf course here at Løgballe Camping. But what is Krolf? Krolf is a cross – or rather a splicing – of croquet and golf. Half croquet, half golf, completely fun.

We have a 12-hole course set in our beautiful hilly landscape. Everything you need in terms of balls and clubs for a couple of fun-filled hours. It's completely free.

During the high season, the course may be closed if tents are set up on it.

Finally, take the dog on holiday and use our own dog playground.

The dog is man’s best friend, and at Løgballe Camping we have thought of this. In the corner of the campsite you find our dog park, where dogs are allowed off leash. There is room for lots of play with your dog. There are hemp hemp bags hanging at the entrances, remember to use them!

A little prayer – if you are so considerate that you use dog bags outside the campsite as well.

Planned activities

At Løgballe Camping, we offer many different activities for both children and adults.

We often have fun at the campfire with popcorn, puff pastry or pancakes. It's a great way to start your weekend or holiday.

Vi holder også børnedisko, pool party, kreativt værksted, traktortur til fyret, eller bondegårdsbesøg, træktur på hest,  kæmpekræmmermarked.

In the first week and last week of the summer holidays, we offer grandparents / grandchildren weeks.

There are many benefits to both children and grandparents by having a wonderful holiday week without dad and mom.

We do our part to create the perfect setting, and have fun with you.

Folk High School Camping at Løgballe Camping, offers a mix of lectures and singing. This year is the 10th year in a row that we offer Folk High School Camping.