Facilities on site

Indendørs faciliteter

Service buildings where all our bathrooms and toilets are designed as lockable rooms.

Good kitchen facilities with ovens, microwave and hot plates. It is also possible to do the dishes in our outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor facilities

Heated swimming pool with separate children's pool. Lovely area with sun loungers, and there is free admission, for our guests.

Planned activities

At Løgballe Camping, we offer many different activities for both children and adults.

We often have fun at the campfire with popcorn, puff pastry or pancakes. It's a great way to start your weekend or holiday.

We have also planned a children's disco, pool party, creative workshop, tractor ride to the lighthouse, or farm visits, horseback riding, Jam Festival, giant hawker market, Christmas in June.

In the first week and last week of the summer holidays, we offer grandparents / grandchildren weeks.

There are many benefits to both children and grandparents by having a wonderful holiday week without dad and mom.

We do our part to create the perfect setting, and have fun with you.

Folk High School Camping at Løgballe Camping, offers a mix of lectures and singing. This year is the 10th year in a row that we offer Folk High School Camping.